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THE FEAR Summary

“THE FEAR: A Pandemic Horror Novel” is a good book that you can read online or download to read it later. When a virus sweeps across the globe, Ash and Jack must each face their fears. Married and isolated in one small apartment, each woman grows restless, claustrophobic and paranoid. As the horror outside their door ramps up to apocalyptic levels, inside Jack is slowly unraveling. She shuts herself away and fears everything. Fears the virus has crawled its way inside, down her throat, into the lining of her stomach. Ash is afraid, too—afraid of what her increasingly erratic wife will do to her. In a pandemic none of us are ready for, should we fear the outside world . . . or what’s waiting within? From the author who brought you stories of literary horror and weird in Kitchen Sink comes Spencer Hamilton’s debut novel, The Fear. “Hamilton not only offers a twisted commentary on the world as it is right now, but just how much worse it could be: he flits from body horror to tense, psychological drama with the turn of a page and ramps it all the way up to 11 for a gruesome, perfect finale.” —Nick Cutter, author of The Lonely Carcass Song and Hide and editor of SPINE magazine. “Think you can fair well in a pandemic? Think again. Spencer Hamilton’s The Fear will take you through the apocalyptic ride of your life. An eerie yet relatable twist on the 2020 experience, it is the must-read of the year. How long do you think you can last until The Fear completely consumes you?” —Mona Kabbani, author of The Bell Chime and co-writer of the Unbearable Scares podcast The Fear by Spencer Hamilton epub Download

Brief Summary The Fear by Spencer Hamilton

Out of all the dystopian, apolitical books that are coming out recently, this one will be the one that is set apart from the rest. Spencer Hamilton took bits of our pandemic history and included it in his novel for generations to come that never knew or kept up with what was happening in the world. This will be the depiction of our history told in a horror novel. The sub genres labeled for this book in my eyes would be pandemic, psychology, body and cosmic horror.Synopsis: As the virus sweeps the globe, the governments are toppling, imploding and lashing out. Ash and Jack are cooped up in their apartment growing claustrophobic and paranoid. Jack thinks she’s infected and Ash fears for what her wife will do. While the pandemic is raging outside, should we be more afraid of what’s within?

Details About The Fear by Spencer Hamilton

  • Name: THE FEAR: A Pandemic Horror Novel
  • Author: Spencer Hamilton
  • Language: English
  • Genre: American Horror
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Pages: 290
  • Price: Free

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