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Pinewood Lodge by Odessa Hywell eBook read online or download for free. ” Pinewood Lodge” is an impressive book that is now available in various formats including Kindle, ePub, and PDF. If you need this book in any specific format, you can request us.

Pinewood Lodge by Odessa Hywell Book Review

” Pinewood Lodge ” is a good book that you can read online or download to read it later. Before starting the reading or downloading, here is the summary of the book that you can read. . Time is running out for me. Enemies are closing in at every turn. But this time I won’t be alone.One brother has vowed his protection. The other reaffirmed his hatred of me. Yet they both want me. But something dark is unraveling inside me An event too terrible clawing its way into my consciousness Pinewood Lodge by Odessa Hywell PDF Download

Brief Summary Pinewood Lodge by Odessa Hywell

I like seeing why they love each other and hearing how they got to where they are. I was robbed of all of that here because Hunter and Simon are already together (kind of). Now I’m not someone who doesn’t love a good established couple or a book where the majority of it is the characters being in a relationship. I’m not that girl. But I do need a how or why at some point. How did they fall in love. Why did they fall in love? One of these questions needs to be answered for me to ship the couple and set sail with them. But I never got that so I don’t understand fully understand why Hunter loves Simon and why Simon loves Hunter. It’s never even explained how they fell in love. All we know is they started screwing one summer and couldn’t stop. Maybe it was explained at some point but it was so fleeting that it didn’t stick and I missed it. And I’m not saying a successful romance can’t exist in this way but in a taboo contemporary romance, you kind of need to understand why they want to be with each other and why they are fighting for it. Otherwise it’s almost like what’s the point of hurting the important people in your lives. I hate to say this but maybe if there was one less smut scene and one or two more emotional scenes, that might have helped.

Details About Pinewood Lodge by Odessa Hywell

  • Name: Pinewood Lodge
  • Author: Odessa Hywell
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Billionaire Romance
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Price: Free

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