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Offer from a Gentleman, An Summary

“Offer from a Gentleman, An: Bridgerton” is a good book that you can read online or download to read it later. Sophie Beckett never dreamed she’d be able to sneak into Lady Bridgerton’s famed masquerade ball—or that “Prince Charming” would be waiting there for her! Though the daughter of an earl, Sophie has been relegated to the role of servant by her disdainful stepmother. But now, spinning in the strong arms of the debonair and devastatingly handsome Benedict Bridgerton, she feels like royalty. Alas, she knows all enchantments must end when the clock strikes midnight. Ever since that magical night, a radiant vision in silver has blinded Benedict to the attractions of any other—except, perhaps, this alluring and oddly familiar beauty dressed in housemaid’s garb whom he feels compelled to rescue from a most disagreeable situation. He has sworn to find and wed his mystery miss, but this breathtaking maid makes him weak with wanting her. Yet, if he offers her his heart, will Benedict sacrifice his only chance for a fairy-tale love? Offer from a Gentleman, An by Julia Quinn epub Download

Brief Summary Offer from a Gentleman, An by Julia Quinn

From her earliest childhood memories, Sophie Beckett knew the truth of her parentage, and as a consequence, her place relative to the world of the rarefied English ton — strictly outside the elite ranks of that social whirl. As the bastard daughter of the Earl of Penwood, Sophie knew she rested behind the thinnest veneer of respectability — claimed as the earl’s ward, but with the truth of her parentage write clear on her features, until her tenth year Sophie enjoyed a life that, although lacking the emotional security of family ties that she craved, provided for the physical needs of food, shelter, and education. But everything changed when her father married a widow with two daughters, and Araminta, the new countess, taught Sophie what it meant to be shamed for possessing antecedents well and truly out of her control. For four years, the girl was further ostracized, hated by the woman she’d hoped to look on as a mother and ridiculed by her daughters Rosamund and Posy. With the earl’s sudden passing, Sophie found herself unacknowledged and penniless, thrust into a life of servitude, at the mercy of Araminta’s every whim. Six years pass, and her dreams worn thin under the grinding heel of Araminta’s shoe, when invitations to the famed Bridgerton masquerade ball arrive, Sophie seizes the chance to, for just one night, be something more than a scorned illegitimate daughter — to be just her, a woman reborn, a world of possibilities at her feet. It was just one night — and one night couldn’t possibly cause any harm.

Details About Offer from a Gentleman, An by Julia Quinn

  • Name: Offer from a Gentleman, An: Bridgerton
  • Author: Julia Quinn
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Regency Romances
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Pages: 480
  • Price: Free

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