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Mammoth Hunters Summary

“Mammoth Hunters” is a good book that you can read online or download to read it later.Leaving the valley of horses with Jondalar, the handsome man she has nursed back to health and come to love, Ayla embarks on a journey that will lead her to the Mamutoi; the Mammoth Hunters. But as she settles into this new life among a people at first strange and disturbingly different, Ayla finds herself irresistibly drawn to Ranec, their master-carver. Ultimately, she is compelled to make a fateful choice between the two men. Jean Auel’s imaginative reconstruction of pre-historic life, rich in detail of language, culture, myth and ritual, has become a set text in schools and colleges around the world. Mammoth Hunters by Jean M. Auel epub Download

Brief Summary Mammoth Hunters by Jean M. Auel

In this book, Super-Couple Ayla and Jondalar meet the Mamutoi, a society of cave-people who specialize in hunting mammoth. The strengths of the book are that we see how Ayla melds with the new society and there are some enjoyable new characters and situations. There is buildup in this book that is well-paced and keeps with the notion started in the prior-two books in the series that Ayla is meant for a great destiny. She learns more about the world and her own abilities. She is nervous about taking on the challenges ahead and just wants to be normal sometimes. This is all pretty enjoyable and for fans of the series, it is nice to see Ayla mature into womanhood and find acceptance among her people.The weaknesses of the book are many, unfortunately. Primarily, the book is repetitive. Too many details of ice-age flora and fauna, too many endless sex scenes, and we have to AGAIN skim through detailed descriptions of flint-knapping. All of these things were written almost word-for-word in the previous two novels. Another major issues is that Ayla and Jondalar, though supposedly almost super-human in abilities, and are super-compatible, and super-hot, have trouble communicating with each other.

Details About Mammoth Hunters by Jean M. Auel

  • Name: Mammoth Hunters
  • Author: Jean M. Auel
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Family Saga Fiction
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Pages: 736
  • Price: Free

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