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Her Wicked Marquess Summary

“Her Wicked Marquess” is a good book that you can read online or download to read it later. Miss Maryann Fitzwilliam is too witty and bookish for her own good. No gentleman of the ton will marry her, so her parents arrange for her to wed a man old enough to be her father. But Maryann is ready to use those wits to turn herself into a sinful wallflower. When the scandal sheet reports a sighting of Nicolas St. Ives, the Marquess of Rothbury, climbing out the chamber windows of a house party, Maryann does the unthinkable. She anonymously claims that the bedchamber belonged to none other than Miss Fitzwilliam, tarnishing her own reputation—and chances of the dastardly union her family secured for her. Now she just needs to convince the marquess to keep his silence. Turns out Nicolas allows for the scandal to perpetuate for his own reasons… But when Maryann’s parents hold fast to their arranged marriage plan, it’ll take a scandal of epic proportions for these two to get out of this together. Each book in the Sinful Wallflowers series is STANDALONE: * My Darling Duke * Her Wicked Marquess Her Wicked Marquess by Stacy Reid epub Download

Brief Summary Her Wicked Marquess by Stacy Reid

Historical Romance with a spunky bespectacled FMC Maryann who catches the interest of the MMC on a revenge mission. To get out of an arranged marriage to a horrible man the FMC tries to take her life into her own hands by writing to the gossip papers that Nicolas St. Ives, the Marquess of Rothbury, was seen climbing from her window, because if she is a compromised woman there is no way that her fiance will want to continue their engagement. By doing so she accidentally put herself into the middle of of Nicolas’s schemes and she could now be a target if his enemies think that he cares for her. So he actually sneaks in her window to warn her of the danger she has put herself in, thus starts their nightly rendezvous. The hero is the absolute best part of this romance, he is utterly GONE for the heroine. Like he admits to himself early on that he cares for her and wants to marry her once his mission is all said and done. And his declaration for her towards the end just melts me into a puddle.

Details About Her Wicked Marquess by Stacy Reid

  • Name: Her Wicked Marquess
  • Author: Stacy Reid
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Regency Historical Romance
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Pages: 361
  • Price: Free

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