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Rocky Road by Becky Wade Review

Rocky Road by Becky Wade which was published in February 14, 2024.You can read this before Rocky Road by Becky Wade PDF EPUB full Download at the bottom. Rocky Road, a follow-up to Memory Lane, centers on Jude, the main character from the first book. He is a rigid FBI agent who needs to go undercover in order to apprehend a criminal. He poses as Gemma, the criminal’s cousin, in order to accomplish this. In order to persuade everyone of their fictitious relationship, we follow them as they come to know one another.
We are tracking their connection in addition to a small mystery surrounding Gemma’s grandmother. Gemma’s family history is extensively discussed, particularly the history of her grandmother’s previous marriage.In this one, I had a great time delving into Jude’s mind. I was excited to learn more about him because he was one of my favorite characters from Memory Lane. He is an incredibly handsome, devoted, and modest man who makes me swoon. His adorable moment with Gemma made me smile a lot. It was excellent. Gemma was feisty and opinionated, which frequently forced Jude to step outside of his comfort zone. This had the same romantic feel as Memory Lane—opposites attract. Gemma has a hilarious family. They were engrossed in her affairs, and it was evident to me that they were much in love. Rocky Road by Becky Wade

Brief Summary of the Book

I was excited to hear FBI agent Jude Camden’s story when we first met in Memory Lane, the first installment of the Sons of Scandal series, and I was not let down. Although you may read Rocky Road without having read Memory Lane first, I’m pleased I did. Jude is such a kind guy—rule-following, considerate of others, smart, and attractive in a subtle way. Gemma owns her own company and makes perfumes. In many ways, she is the complete antithesis of Jude—bubbly, gregarious, and sarcastic. Juke meets Gemma to work on an undercover operation to bring down her illegal French cousin, who is a part of her family’s perfume empire.Seeing Gemma and Jude meet, grow to know one another, and attempt to keep a professional relationship going is entertaining. Although I found the first part of the book to be a little slow, the ending is deliciously enjoyable and full of romance, grace, and justice. A little known fact is that Gemma’s great-grandmother, who is suffering from dementia, wishes to recall her own romantic history. Gemma, her mother, and grandma are a charming, eccentric trio of women who provide a great deal of love and support to one another. You may also like Free Download Stealing His Mate by Colleen Delaney epub/PDF

About Author

After attending Baylor University, Becky, a native of California, married a Texan, and the three of them moved to Dallas with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and three children. She enjoys writing charming modern romances with lots of chemistry, intrigue, comedy, mystery, and banter. She has received recognition for her thirteen novels and five novellas, including a Christy Award Hall of Fame induction, an INSPY award, and a Carol Award. She enjoys driving carpool, eating chocolate, doing yoga, power walking her neighborhood, and staring at her dog when she isn’t at her computer.

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