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Fractured Night by Persephone Autumn Review

Fractured Night by Persephone Autumn which was published in February 13, 2024.You can read this before Fractured Night by Persephone Autumn PDF EPUB full Download at the bottom. I was captivated by Dalilah and Phoebe’s narrative from the start. Since they were paired up as tablemates in school, Dalilah has had an innocent love on Phoebe, which made for interesting reading because of Phoebe’s attention-grabbing “I’m better than everyone else” mentality. When the story takes place, Phoebe is employed by her family at the town newspaper, and Dalilah works at the holistic store owned by her family. Now that there is a mystery in this novel, it really appealed to me and won me over since I adore a good mystery. While working together, these two developed a particular attraction that alarmed Phoebe because she was unsure of how to handle it (let’s just say she despises her family, especially her parents).She discovers, however, that there is more for her in the world with Dalilah’s assistance. The fact that certain issues went unanswered is the only thing I found objectionable. I’ll wait for it to come out to read the epilogue even though I’m not sure whether there will be another book on this couple. Fractured Night by Persephone Autumn

Brief Summary of the Book

Delilah is a kind person who sees the best in everyone; she is like a beam of sunlight. Despite being one of the seven founding families, her family prioritizes happiness and love over privilege and position. She doesn’t feel ashamed or guilty about being gay because everyone has the opportunity to be who they are. You will be familiar with Delilah and her unfulfilled love for Phoebe if you have read the earlier volumes. a schoolgirl crush that has lasted forever despite the fact that Phoebe’s harsh and reclusive nature has made everyone despise her.A month after Shattered Sun, the tale picks off with evidence that Stone Bay has its first serial killer. Phoebe works as a reporter for her father’s publication, the Stone Bay Gazette. The Seven are attempting to hide the killings from the community, but she is desperate to cover them and use her investigative abilities. In an attempt to solve the murder mysteries, she teams up with Delilah after following a clue to the Sage Whisperer Metaphysical store. Despite their obvious chemistry and attraction, Phobe is taken aback and terrified by it. You may also like Free Download Quake by Maya Alden epub/PDF

About Author

Persephone, the Best Author Autumn, her spouse, their crazy dog, and their two lover-boy kitties reside in Florida. a cuckoo grandpup’s proud mom. a passionate ethnic foodie who enjoys finding new vegan recipes for her favorite non-vegan dishes. If she had the chance, she would purposefully become lost in the outdoors. Persephone wrote for many years, mostly in journals or poems. She started writing her first novel after combining her poetry with pictures and putting them online. She occasionally dabbles in other genres, although her primary genres are romance and poetry. Look for her publications under P. Autumn, which are not romances.

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  • Novel Title: Fractured Night
  • Author: Persephone Autumn
  • Genre:  Fiction
  • Publish Date: February 13, 2024
  • Size: 6 MB
  • Format: PDF/epub
  • Status: Avail for Download
  • Price: Free

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