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Ballad Dagger Book Summary

Ballad Dagger is a good book that you can read online or download to read it later. Before starting the reading or downloading, here is the summary of the book that you can read. “Brimming with mystery, mayhem, and heart, Ballad and Dagger gives us wondrous new magic steeped in deep traditions. It’s a gorgeous romance, a wild adventure, and a powerful story that unravels not only the pain of diaspora, but the strength of community and the ways we provide refuge for one another.”–Leigh Bardugo, New York Times #1 best-selling author of Shadow and Bone“A new, magical world full of rich folklore and hitting all the right notes.”–Kirkus ReviewsAlmost sixteen years ago, Mateo Matisse’s island homeland disappeared into the sea. Weary and hopeless, the survivors of San Madrigal’s sinking escaped to New York.While the rest of his tight-knit Brooklyn diaspora community dreams of someday finding a way back home, Mateo–now a high school junior and piano prodigy living with his two aunts (one who’s alive, the other not so much)–is focused on one thing: getting the attention of locally-grown musical legend Gerval. Mateo finally gets his chance on the night of the Grand Fete, an annual party celebrating the blended culture of pirates, Cuban Santeros, and Sephardic Jews that created San Madrigal all those centuries ago.But the evil that sank their island has finally caught up with them, and on the night of the celebration, Mateo’s life is forever changed when he witnesses a brutal murder by a person he thought he knew.Suddenly Mateo is thrust into an ancient battle that spans years and oceans. Deadly secrets are unraveled and Mateo awakens a power within himself–a power that not only links him to the killer but could also hold the key to unlocking the dark mystery behind his lost homeland. Ballad Dagger by Daniel Jose Older PDF Download

Brief Summary Ballad Dagger by Daniel Jose Older

Ballad & Dagger is the first Daniel José Older novel in Rick Riordan’s imprint. It is about a teenager finding out the magical powers that he wields and finding his place in his community, a fictitious group of exiles from a lost Caribbean island.The book details the shifts of power between two communities and the fact that the thriving but secretive Galeranos, former inhabitants of the San Madrigal island, were not as pure of heart as they believed. Mateo Medina, son to a couple of science-minded doctors who eschew all the traditions and beliefs, finds hard to be accepted in the community, or at least that’s what he thinks. Helped by his friends, he will befriend local legend Chela Hidalgo, an imposing girl, who literally stabs her way into his life.The book is superbly crafted, mixing Latino, African and Jewish traditions into a single cauldron. It also deals a lot with Santeros and similar traditions, which sincerely make me uncomfortable.

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  • Name: Ballad Dagger
  • Author: Daniel Jose Older
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